Wonder Wednesday Episode 26 of 52

Chris Funk Does The Impossible 40,000 ft In The Air – Wonder Wednesday Episode 26 of 52

Chris Funk The Wonderist does the card thru window at 40,000 feet! On a private jet! Plus another great psychological illusion that will fool you!

Special Thanks to Fast Air and owner Dylan Fast.

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Wonder Wednesday Episode 25 Of 52

I got so spend some time with the Joe Grande, owner of Mona Lisa Restuarant in Winnipeg.  My absolute favourite restaurant in the world.  I went into his fridge and took some fruit to use in this effect.  Well, all I have to say is I think his mind was blown!


Visit https://www.monalisarestaurant.ca

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Wonder Wednesday Episode 22 of 52

Chris Funk, Winnipeg Magician performs at the Pantages Playhouse Theatre with the Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra.  The same stage that Harry Houdini, Harry Blackstone and Charlie Chaplin have all performed on.  For more videos,  subscribe to my YouTube channel.

By Chris Funk & Bill Abbott

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Wonder Wednesday Episode 21

Pool side magic at a grad party for my nephew. A magical way to give someone a gift.


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by Chris Funk & Bill Abbott

Wonder Wednesday Episode 20

The past few months have been an amazing but busy few months.  It gets hard to stay on top of my shooting schedule so here is a great video that many of you haven’t seen.  A signed card is thrown thru a window.  So good!

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by Chris Funk

Wonder Wednesday Episode 19

Here is a quick trick at a company event.  I just got off stage from a double standing ovation at an Arbonne event at Sparkling Hill Resort in Vernon B.C.  My 4th time performing fro them in the past year.  Love this group!  Enjoy and don’t forget to share!


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creative consultant – Bill Abbott

Wonder Wednesday Episode 18

Well, my performance/travel schedule has been crazy!!! So here is an oldie but a goodie. A blast from the past. A great interactive card trick that happens through your screen!  For more videos, subscribe to my youtube channel.


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Wonder Wednesday Episode 17

The most in credible thing with two common everyday objects.  Watch as Chris Funk pushes a lit cigarette thru a borrowed coin!  Don’t forget to subscribe to my channel.  For more videos, go to https://YouTube.com/user/chrisfunkmagic and subscribe to my channel.


Chris Funk

Wonder Wednesday Episode 16

An amazing moment of magic at an amazing restaurant in Winnipeg, Maw’s Eatery & Bar.  Solid thru solid.  For more videos, subscribe to my YouTube Channel.

Wonder Wednesday Episode 15

Today I’m going to teach you how to get free drinks at a bar!  This will work every time if you do it right.  Oh, and then I’m going to do something amazing.  By The Way, this was filmed at my new favourite lounge.  Maw’s Eatery & Bar.  So great!  Check it out!

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by Chris Funk & Bill Abbott

Wonder Wednesday Episode 14

A little wedding magic for you.  After performing at a wedding and wowing everyone with a great show, Chris Funk creates some special magic for the Bride & Groom!  A very special Wedding Wonder Wednesday on Episode 14.


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Wonder Wednesday Episode 13

Chris Funk does some incredible magic with a pool table,a deck of cards and a random choice. Check Wonder Wednesday Episode 13 out! Special guest today is Andrew Funk, President of Cap-it International.


Wonder Wednesday Episode 13.

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Wonder Wednesday Episode 12

A Trick With One Coin Wonder Wednesday Episode 12

What do you get when you take One Wonderist, One Camera, & One Coin…?  The Answer Is – Something Super Cool!  A great moment of magic with one coin. This has been a favourite of mine for the past 15 years! I do it at all my Walk Around gigs.

Check out Wonder Wednesday Episode 12.  A One Coin Routine.

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