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I’ve been away from the action for some time. Here is a video about why that is. I shot it a month ago so I’ve been able to do shows now for about a month. Feels good to be back at it. Thanks for your patience and I will be making more videos soon!

Wonder Wednesday Episode 36 of 52

Here is a fun video I did with a friend of mine Ricky Lax.  Mr. Lax is the co-creator and a producer of Wizard Wars.  He’s crazy creative and super fun to hang out with.  Enjoy this episode and don’t forget to share with the buttons below!   filmed by Bill Abbott

Wonder Wednesday Episode 34 of 52

A little card magic at Shaw Tv after an interview for our upcoming show at the Park Theatre.  I think you’ll see right thru this one!  For tickets visit matao.ca or email me at chris@chrisfunkmagic.com.  For more videos, subscribe to my YouTube channel.

Wonder Wednesday Episode 32

Chris Funk performs a little more magic at Mona Lisa Restaurant in Winnipeg Mb. Watch as Chris finds a card from the deepest, darkest, depths of his darkest, deepest… You get the picture. Now share and rate and like and comment and stuff. Also, subscribe to my YouTube channel!

Wonder Wednesday Episode 30 of 52

Here is your Vid of the week! A little snippet from my September 12th show with Matt Falk at the Children’s Museum – Serious(ly) Adult Comedy Night. Visit https://childrensmuseum.com/support/seriouslyadult for info and tickets! For more videos subscribe to my YouTube channel. Don’t forget to subscribe, rate and share!

Wonder Wednesday Episode 29 of 52

The Wonderist, Chris Funk and Incredible Magic Creator/Performer, Blake Vogt fool Pen & Teller performing this killer original illusion of Blake’s. For more incredible videos, subscribe to my Youtube channel! Now share this with at least 4.3 people.

Wonder Wednesday Episode 17

The most in credible thing with two common everyday objects.  Watch as Chris Funk pushes a lit cigarette thru a borrowed coin!  Don’t forget to subscribe to my channel.  For more videos, go to https://YouTube.com/user/chrisfunkmagic and subscribe to my channel.   Chris Funk

Wonder Wednesday Episode 14

A little wedding magic for you.  After performing at a wedding and wowing everyone with a great show, Chris Funk creates some special magic for the Bride & Groom!  A very special Wedding Wonder Wednesday on Episode 14.   Subscribe to my channel at Youtube.com/user/chrisfunkmagic   Don’t forget to share using the links below.

Wonder Wednesday Episode 13

Chris Funk does some incredible magic with a pool table,a deck of cards and a random choice. Check Wonder Wednesday Episode 13 out! Special guest today is Andrew Funk, President of Cap-it International. https://cap-it.com Wonder Wednesday Episode 13. Subscribe for more videos! Please rate, share and comment! [button url=”https://youtube.com/user/chrisfunkmagic” style=”normal”]subscribe to my channel[/button]

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