A Brief Explanation

I’ve been away from the action for some time. Here is a video about why that is. I shot it a month ago so I’ve been able to do shows now for about a month. Feels good to be back at it. Thanks for your patience and I will be making more videos soon!

Wonder Wednesday Episode 39 of 52

Quick card trick at a house party. Watch the colours of the cards…. they change. OOOOOOOO….. Magic

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Wonder Wednesday Episode 36 of 52

Here is a fun video I did with a friend of mine Ricky Lax.  Mr. Lax is the co-creator and a producer of Wizard Wars.  He’s crazy creative and super fun to hang out with.  Enjoy this episode and don’t forget to share with the buttons below!


filmed by Bill Abbott

Wonder Wednesday 35 of 52

I popped into Mix 96 in Steinbach for a few interviews and met up with a friend of mine. Corny Rempel is a morning show host on Mix 96 and an Elvis Impersonator. I decided to do a quick little mind reading trick with him having to do with Elvis. This is what happened!

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