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Chris funk on penn & teller fool us

It’s funny… for years I thought, “If I were to ever perform on Fool Us, I would want to do one trick and only one trick.”  Well…. In February, that became a reality.  Let me rewind for a moment.  I won’t talk long on this topic, but essentially, I tore my Achilles Tendon in a show in January.  This was devastating.  I had to not only cancel 3 months worth of shows, which was to be my busiest 3 month stint at the beginning of a year ever, But I also had to turn down a great TV opportunity!  Friend and fellow magician Joel Meyers called me out of the blue one day and asked me if I would be interested and available to be a part of a TV show he was on with Spidey. Not only was I interested but I was also available!  However…. I couldn’t walk!  So… that kind of ended that conversation pretty quickly.  Man was I down about this!  I said to my wife, ‘these opportunities don’t come around every week!’  Here’s the funny thing.  1 week to the day later, I received an email from the casting crew of Fool Us!  I read it, re read it and had my wife read it just to make sure it was a reality!  Well, I pitched my signature routine involving a violin, and they loved it!  So I flew to Las Vegas in April to record my episode which aired August 17th 2015.

Below is the clip of my segment.  For the full version, you can look online or check your tv providers schedule for a re run.  There have already been over a dozen re-runs of this episode!

All I can say is this was one of the most incredible opportunities I have had so far.  Not just because it’s on a great TV show, but because I got to perform my favourite routine for the biggest names in magic on the greatest stage in magic to perform on!

I’m not crazy about the first part… they kept lots of the out takes during my interview, so I look more like a shmuck.  And the fact that it was filmed at 6 am didn’t help.  And yes… I know I call Lexi – Lisa.  But honestly all I could think in my head… don’t show how much pain you’re in….

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