Why Book Chris as Your Entertainment?

From the moment that you speak with him on the phone to the moment he steps off the stage at your event, you will know that Chris simply understands what it takes to make lasting memories while making your job easier as the event planner. Chris has really mastered the integral elements such as engaging, connecting and creating moments that really stick out and really putting on a ‘Magic Show’. This can only be done with the right personality. One that Chris Funk definitely has.

Chris has been performing on the stage since the age of 7. First as a musician, then later, as a Winnipeg Magician and now as a brilliant, witty performer who has pieced together various art forms to create a truly unique experience in Canada and across North America.

He combines Intuition, Influence and Illusion with hilarious comedy to create moments that will leave the audience thoroughly entertained. Chris Funk is also a master at improv allowing him to take advantage of the moments that just happen during every show, making every show different from the last. Take a look at these testimonials to hear first hand what others have said just moments after witnessing corporate magician Chris Funk’s presentations.